IBA Branding & Advertising Conference

IBA Branding & Advertising Conference (IBAC) is a 3-Day Competition Centric workshop that entails training sessions and series of competitions based on those trainings.
IBAC 3.0 is one of the biggest competition organized by IBA Karachi. This year, teams from well reputed institutes, (like IBA, LUMS, SZAIBIST, DHA Suffa, K.U and so forth) from all across Pakistan took part in this event. Various activities based on branding and advertising were conducted which include simulations, case study competitions and so forth.
Students of 6th semester from FAST School of Management, Karachi team named as “Branding Hawks” also participated in IBAC-3.0 and successfully won the event.
Our team was assigned with PSO corporate brand and provided an innovative Big Idea. On the basis of that Big Idea a print ad, TVC and a digital strategy was developed and presented in front of the Marketing team (Brand Managers) of PSO. In all of the competitions team Branding Hawks (FASTIANS) were admired for their efforts. Moreover, the TVC was specially appreciated among all the contestants. All the activities were time bound and max time allotted were an hour. Branding Hawks with the essence of effective planning and team work won this event and made us proud.
Five students participated in the conference and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the winning team which consisted of:
Hassaan Mubeen (14K-2450)
Umer Farooq (14K-2708)
Lubna Zertasha (14K-2716)
Veena Kumari (14K-2721)
Farrukh Shahzad (14K-2723)