SOFTEC, the Software Exhibition and Competition, is an annual event held at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. SOFTEC started with a single competition in 1995. SOFTEC organized an All Asia event in 2005. SOFTEC 2006 brought participants from as far away as Nepal. SOFTEC 2007 brought students from the Middle Eastern countries such as Iran. Today SOFTEC runs nearly a dozen competitions and exhibitions. Participants from FAST NUCES Karachi Campus participated in the Belal Hashmi Programming Competition. The Programming Competition (formerly the Dynamic Programming Competition) is a challenging arena, attracting bright and sharp minds from all over Asia. Programming under timed conditions tests the skills and grit of the participants involved to the limit. FAST Karachi secured top position in the Belal Hasmi Programming Competition.

Team Name : Team Fegit
Members :
Tahir Mustafa
Jazib ul Hassan
Akhtar Zaman